Neotonus Chair Therapy – Incontinence

Bladder leakage or incontinence

Neotonus Chair therapy can assist!

NEOTONIC PELVIC FLOOR CHAIR THERAPYRecuperation can be as simple as sitting in a chair, fully clothed. The pelvic floor controls your urinary, bowel & sexual functions yet these muscles are your most neglected.

This breakthrough technology builds strength and endurance back into the pelvic floor muscles.

The therapy works by creating a pulsed magnetic field which easily penetrates bone and soft tissues, simultaneously reaching all nerves and muscles controlling urinary function.

How does the Neotonus Chair work?

You simply sit and relax. The therapy is painless. Nothing touches you. You will feel small vibrations or tapping while sitting in the chair. You will be able to feel your pelvic floor muscles contracting.

The Neotonus chair delivers a magnetic pulse to the perineal area (the area around the back passage).

This pulsed magnetic field stimulates electrical activity in the pelvic nerves, which in turn cause a rhythmic contraction of the pelvic floor muscles.

Low frequency stimulation activates the sling muscles which hold the bladder and bowel from falling down into the pelvic outlet.

High frequency stimulation contracts the squeeze muscles around the bladder and bowel outlets.

What is involved in Neotonus Chair Therapy?

Each session on the chair lasts 22 minutes in duration and it is recommended that you have 20 sessions in total. The sessions are usually scheduled twice weekly.

The low frequency pulsing starts for 10 minutes then there is a 2 minute rest period followed by a 10 minute high/low frequency pulsing depending on your condition.

Definite benefits have also been shown in urge urinary incontinence (when you feel the urge to go you have to hurry)

For further information about Neotonus Chair Therapy and Incontinence, please contact Dr. Singla's office.